Who we are?

Master Pharm SA (former name: Master Pharm Poland Ltd) was set up in 2002 and specializes in highly specialized services including design and manufacturing diet supplements, food for special nutritional purposes, dietary products, cosmetics, medical devices, and other consumables. The company has a professional team of interdisciplinary experts who have contributed to its 12 year experience.


Master Pharm SA offers contract manufacturing innovative products, mainly comprising diet supplements according to own authoring formulas. Our products are of high quality due to application a high quality plant extracts as well as high standards of production process. The company guarantees short project realisation time and individual approach to each client.


The Company’s Mission:  There is nothing we could not do for our clients!


The company’s role is to provide services for dynamically developing Polish and Middle-Eastern Europe of dietary supplements, medical devices and food for special nutritional purposes.

The company aims to provide a wide range of complex services on a large scale trying to balance the high quality and reasonable price.


Our offer targets both international pharmaceutical concerns and national pharmaceutical and companies and suppliers.  The company’s role is justified by implementing innovative approaches towards pro-health mentality in the society by preventive food supplementing, which is dictated by industrial production of food that is less and less nutritious due to its low vitamins and minerals content.