Master Pharm SA offers services of complex implementing projects aiming at diet supplements products – from an idea through the creation to the final product. We do not have our own products for retail market, but we deal with design, pre-manufacturing and wholesale diet supplements manufacturing for our clients, which makes it impossible to compete with them. This makes us different from other contract manufacturers who deal with contract manufacturing only within excess manufacturing capacities.


Master Pharm  employs a professional team designing and introducing products take pride in individual approach to each client.


The Company’s credo is: There is nothing we could not do for our clients!


In the manufacturing premises production and packaging of diet supplements takes place. The production applies the state of art equipment meeting the highest standards for diet supplement production and follows the principles of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point).


Our assets are: flexibility as well as time and costs effectiveness. We have at our disposal extensive tooling base for our professional machinery resources constantly adjusted to our clients’ demands. 










Our service of manufacturing of diet supplements can be presented in the following stages:


1. Designing technology and ingredients

    of products.


2. Manufacturing:

  • testing and identifying raw materials
  • weighing
  • mixing
  • granulation tableting
  • capsuling
  • tablet coating
  • encapsulation (to a range of dosage forms)
  • distributing the mixtures /granule form into sachets and containers
3. Packaging
  • blister packs
  • sticks
  • sachets
  • containers
  • multi - packing

4. Products labelling and marking

5. Other services

  • designing and creating documantation
  • pharmaceutical formulation design from laboratory to production stage
  • modification of the ingredients of existing products
  • designing the content of texts on labels, booklet labels and containers
  • designing graphic projects
  • purchase of raw and packaging materials



  1. Granulation
  2. Tableting
  3. Capsulation
  4. Tablet coating
  5. Blistering
  6. Packaging

 Granulation – the process of forming granules aggregates  from powder or liquid form of a medical substance and supporting substances. Received granulate can be either ready form of a raw material for further tablet and capsules production.

Tableting – a tablet can be formed in the process of pressing or compacting a mixture of active substances and excipients, usually in powder or granule form, into a solid dose.

Tablet and capsule coating – is a technological process leading to placing a coating surface on the core tablet. The coating surface can vary in ingredients and thickness. Tablets can have sugar coating, as used for ‘candies’ or molecular film coating. Capsules can also be film coated.

Blistering and packaging - tablets and capsules are packed in blister packs and containers.

Other forms of:

  1. Syrups
  2. Drops

 Other forms of packing:

  1. For Syrups - glass and plastic bottles
  2. For tablets and capsules – PET, bottles